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Iím nearly 28 years old and free to voice my opinion how I want, so this it.   This is my review of OPERATOR: Can You Hear Me now.

For this CD, OPERATOR consisted of just Johnny Strong. The addition of guitarist Doug Dunnam, bassist Corey Britz and drummer Shad Wilhelm appear on the next album. This is a limited release and there are seven tracks on it, all of which were written, arranged, produced and performed by Johnny. My first feelings about this CD were quite simply, damn. How can one man possess that much talent and that much sex appeal? The answer? It shouldnít be allowed, but when you hear this album you start thinking to youself, damn if a person could ooze liquid sex that is exactly what Johnny would be doing. There is definitely something in his voice that makes a girl weak in the knees.

In certain parts of songs I sat, jaw dropped open grinning like a little bitch at that sexy little growl that is persistent somewhere in every song. Itís the kind of growl that makes a man sound predatory and makes a girl tremble a little bit and think ďHmmm I wonder if I could induce that sound in him.Ē Which brings a little wicked grin to your face because you know when youíre alone with your girlfriends youíre going to be playing one of these tracks, hearing the growl and talking like girls do about all the things you could do to make him sound that way.

I have to tell you honestly, No One Else is one of my favorite tracks. The whole CD is excellent and a must have, but seriously when a girl first listens to a CD, letís face it, the song that sounds the sexiest is usually the one that grabs our attention and makes us want to listen again. When I first heard this track I was chatting with one of my girlfriends and I immediately made her listen to it telling her quite frankly that itís fuckiní brilliant and oh so wibble worthy. Girls, take your guy to a club and request this. Why? Because the beat and the sexy sound Johnny brings to the song is going to make your body move and your hands roam all the fuck over and heís not going to mind that one bit. Heís not going to mind the beat and heís definitely not going to argue when your body moves in a way that heís very familiar with, but usually only sees when you two are alone gettiní your freak on. Quite simply itís a song thatís going to make you want to rub your body all over his and one that is definitely going to make him want to take you home as soon as he can.

Songs like Wreckage and Delicate make you want to take care of him as well as figure out if he was busy snooping around your own life to find inspiration. I remember listening to Here We Go Again and Delicate, thinking to myself ďFuck this is my life. This is the story of my relationships.Ē Then I wondered how in the hell he could be so dead on and realized it has to come from living it. Which takes you back to going man someone needs to take care of this boy and treat him right.

Itís hard to pinpoint exactly what I was feeling while listening to this CD. A lot of it seemed to reflect my own experiences which made me curious how the hell he does that and some of it I was too busy listening to that damn sexy voice of his to care about how I was feeling at the moment. I do know itís currently in my stereo and something I canít get enough of. Overall, it kicks serious ass and is quite possibly the best Iíve heard in the last couple of years. I think this is one of the few CDs I own that I like every track on. Whether it be the voice or the meaning behind the songs, I canít give you just one reason to have this, but itís definitely something youíre going to want to grab and hang on to. Just be prepared for one hell of a ride.


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