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*Born and still resides in Los Angeles, California

*Lead Singer for his band named Fly (no longer together)

*Favorite Sports Team is The Sixers (Basketball)

*Has studied Martial Arts since age 7

three dogs and two cats

*Owns a '69 Mustang
(Which he just sold)

Johnny produced an entire EP for the artist Overflo

Has four tattoo's.  They are his initials on his hand,  on his right shoulder he has a chief, a warrior, surrounded by a dragon and a snake. The dragon represents his passion, and the snake represents his patience.  His stomach has both his dogs Sophie and Hondo.  His next tattoo will be of his new puppy, Butch.

*He plans on getting a shark tattoo one day as he says it's the only thing he truly fears.

*"I love to fall in love.  It's my favorite thing to do.  I try to do it at least once a day."