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Black Hawk Down:
Durant: "Where's the rescue squad?"
Shughart: "We're it."

Wadell: "Isn't that your move?"
Shughart: "Am I holding my hand on the piece?"
Wadell: "I'll make you in three whatever you do."
Shughart: "I'd keep my eye on the queen before counseling with others."
Wadell: "She's just lying and waiting.

The Fast and The Furious:
Leon: "Oh shit! We got cops, cops, cops, cops!"

Vince: "What is this guy sandwich crazy or something?"
Leon: "Nah V. He ain't here for the food, dawg."

Leon:  "He's trying to get into Mia's pants Dawg."

Jesse:  "Ay he's beautiful."
Leon:  "I like his haircut."

MIA: "Come on, lets go get me a drink."
Leon: "Aw come on Mia, we were just about to get along!"

Leon: "Well look who it is! Old coyotes R' us! I thought you weren't hungry pumpkin!"
Vince: "I gotta eat."