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The Legals..      

This site is an Unofficial fan site.  It is not affiliated with Johnny Strong.  No  infringement was intended.  All material and designs UJSFC 2002 - 2004.

Frequently Asked Questions      
Is this Johnny Strong's Official website?
No.  This site was created in June of 2002 after the release of The Fast and The furious to DVD.  It is purely a fan site dedicated to a tremendous actor/musician.

Why did UJSFC come to life?
After seeing Get Carter I was curious about the guy who played Eddie, but he sort of just dropped off the radar.  Upon seeing TFATF, my curiosity was at an all time high and I went on a hunt.  Found virtually nothing on him so what I did find I scraped together, started buying DVDs of the movies he was in so we could have some photos and everything started to fall into place. 

I've heard he has a band, is this true?
Yes.  He was formerly with the band Fly.  They released one album for RCA called Bombthreat: Before She Blows.  The band then split up and Johnny has now formed a new band.  The current band is OPERATOR and they have a limited release EP out titled Can You Hear Me Now with a future release of La Luna del Diablo Blanco coming soon.

Is Johnny married, attached or dating seriously?
This website is strictly run on a fan basis.  I am a fan of his talent.  While I will be the first to admit he's easy to look at, he has much more going for him than that.  He's incredibly talented and I pride myself on this site being a dedication to that talent.  His personal life is not something I want to make guesses or gossip about.

How old is Johnny?
Well, we don't know exactly.  We know his star sign and that's about it.  Because of the belief system he has due to his jiu jitsu training, he doesn't tell his age.  There is enough respect for him not to ask anything further than he's willing to tell UJSFC.

Have you met Johnny?
No.  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet.  Maybe someday when his band tours, but currently, I have not met him in person.

Throughout the website, we see you mention JR.  Who is this?
JR is Jean Rousseau.  Manager of Johnny's band OPERATOR.  He has been kind enough to contact UJSFC from time to time with news on OPERATOR.  He is also the reason we were able to have the contest for the 5 EPs.

New look launched
OPERATOR is currently working on a DVD and new album due out Feb. 2005.
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Help us get the word out on Johnny's new band, OPERATOR.  Stay tuned for upcoming details.
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