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The Legals..      

This site is an Unofficial fan site.  It is not affiliated with Johnny Strong.  No  infringement was intended.  All material and designs UJSFC 2002 - 2004.

Who the hell runs this place anyways?      
Welcome to my little space within UJSFC.  The place where you will find out all about the mistress behind the website.  Sit down, relax and get to know me.  Don't worry, I won't bite... hard.... unless you ask nicely. ;)

My name is Angie and I was born in Ohio in 1976.  I am a Gemini under the Chinese Zodiac of the Dragon.  In 1989, I headed west with my Ma to the lovely state of Arizona, where I have lived ever since.  I have graduated from both High School and College.  I obtained my degree in Criminal Justice in 1999.

I started this website when I decided I wanted to do web design as a hobby.  I chose Johnny because I had seen him in a few movies, admired his work, but couldn't find anything suitable on him.  There was appeal in that.  I didn't want to run a site for just anyone or someone who had hundreds of sites already out there.  With the release of The Fast and The Furious it seemed natural to give Johnny his own corner.

Aside from this website, I run other unofficial sites for the talented stars like Molly Price and Bobby Cannavale.  On the music side, I am in the throes of creating a comprehensive site for the extraordinary German band, Rammstein.  If you've seen xXx then you've seen them.  They are my all time favorite band and I can't get enough of them.

I am a sports freak.  I love NASCAR, hockey and baseball.  When it comes to NASCAR I am very partial to Dale Jr., Kevin Harvick and Kasey Kahne.  I am very passionate about this sport and it really aggravates me when people say "they're not athlete's they just drive in circles."  Trust me, unless you've seen it or know someone who works the circuit (and I do both) you have NO idea how hard this is.  Don't knock it.

Hockey I became a fan of when we finally had a team here in Arizona.  I was taken to a game by a friend and have been in love ever since.  I thought the sport was phenomenal, but I will tell you I was mesmerized by the current goalie of that time.  I couldn't believe how sensational he was.  And still is.  One Nikolai Khabibulin came into my life and changed me forever.  Something I thought that no one else in the sport could do until I saw the likes of Patrick Roy.  Both of them are tremendous athlete's and I will always be a fan.

I have quite a few hobbies which revolve mostly around writing, reading, graphics and web design.  My favorite author is Stephen King, but I'm an avid reader of Dean Koontz and Michael Connelly as well.  Also, anything that is true crime you can bet I've probably read.  I highly recommend anything written by John Douglas. 

Well that is all from your mistress for this go.  If you're still reading this and not completely bored out of your mind, wow, thank you. ;)

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