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Johnny's Life      

Johnny is a very mysterious person.  Maybe that mystery is part of the appeal we all find in him, but this is my version of a bio for him.

Johnny was born in Los Angeles California where he still resides with his three dogs and two cats.  Being born under the star sign of Scorpio, Johnny possess a lot of character traits that make him a very driven individual.  Scorpio's are known for their passion, magnetism, determination and intensity.  All traits that he has proven to possess.

As a young boy, if he couldn't sleep his family would often read to him.  "Within the first few sentences of anything book, script, magazine, etc.. I just want to fall asleep. Thatís how my family would get me to sleep when I was a kid. Just start reading something, and by the first page I was out like a light."  At the tender age of 7 he began studying Martial Arts which led to his current belief system and his desire not to share his age. 

Johnny is an avid sports fan.  His favorite sports include Ultimate fighting, Pride fighting, boxing, K1 kickboxing and basketball.  His favorite team is the Sixers.  When he's not watching sports or working on his music or acting career, his favorite thing to do is take naps with his dogs, Hondo, Sophie and Butch.

For anyone that has seen The Fast and The Furious, then you've probably noticed the gorgeous ink on his right shoulder.  It's of a warrior chief surrounded by a dragon and a snake.  The dragon represents his passion and the snake represents his patience which he says are in a constant struggle with one another.  That isn't the only ink he has either.  On his stomach he has both his dogs, Hondo and Sophie.  The last remaining tattoo is on his initials between his thumb and index finger on his hand.  He says the next tattoo he will get will be of his newest puppy, Butch.  One day, he hopes to add the only thing that he truly fears -- a shark.

After having a music and film career, it's easy to imagine he would be recognized by people if he were out.  So what do you do when you see him?  Say hello.  Tell him you enjoyed a movie role or a song.  Johnny is one of the rarities among celebrities today.  He doesn't mind the recognition.  "I think its great that my work is admired. I work hard at what I do and totally appreciate when people recognize that."

Troubled relationships and life's raw emotions are the fuel that feeds his creativity and his endless talent.  With so much to offer and so much untapped talent at his dispose, what's his favorite thing to do?

"I love to fall in love.  It's my favorite thing to do.  I try to do it at least once a day."

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