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Career In Film      
To say Johnny has been around the film industry for awhile would be a minor understatement.  He's been in the industry for over a decade and his first noted film came in 1991.  He had a role in The Commitments in 1991 and he moved on to Bury Me in Kern County.  Movies like Don't Eat The Chili at The Detour Diner or Glimmer Man gave him a little more screen time, but according to fans, it still wasn't enough.  Get Carter prompted more screen time and a phenomenal performance by Johnny.  The movie was lacking in development and Eddie was scum, but something about Johnny's portrayal of the bad guy made you have a bleeding heart for him.

And then it happened.  In 2001, something hit most of us like a ton of bricks.  That something would be the ruggedly sexy and growly Leon.  When The Fast and The Furious was released there were people clamoring over Dom and Vince, but there was something intriguing about Leon.  The subtle way his presence was pushed to the forefront even when he didn't have a lot to say.  Maybe it was Johnny's portrayal of him, maybe it was the toothpick, one can't be certain, but we knew that Leon was sex and it was a beautiful thing.

After The Fast and The Furious, fans were eager to know more about this man that gave Leon so much life when he wasn't pushed to the front as much as other characters.  We wondered if there'd ever be anything that could make us swoon so hard or top such a performance.  Leon was a beautiful performance of someone that could have easily faded into the background, but didn't because Johnny made his presence very known. 

Suddenly we were hit with the most beautiful, emotional, heart- wrenching performance that came in the form of Delta Sgt. Randall Shughart.  Black Hawk Down tapped into the most beautiful, pure side of Johnny's acting ability that one could ever be fortunate enough to witness.

Johnny was able to bring forth the emotions, the reality, and the sacrifice that one man had the courage to give for his country and his fellow man.  We sat shaking heads and covering mouths as Randy and his partner so selflessly asked to go aid and were continually told no.  We cried when the raw emotion came through Johnny as Randy and his partner were finally able to assist.  They gave up everything knowing they might not be coming home to their families.  Johnny's portrayal of Randy Shughart was the most phenomenal thing I have ever been able to see.  For someone to bring that much emotion and honor to a role is a rarity that we don't get to experience often enough.  And, according to Johnny, Randy was his favorite role.

Johnny is a pure actor that finds his inspiration in his heart.  I think that can be seen any time he graces our screen.  No matter if the role is big or small, we always know he's there and that he's put all of his effort into making this his best performance ever.

For a complete list of Johnny's Filmography, click here.

*Film bio is solely written by me.  I wrote from my opinion on his career and the roles he's been in.

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