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My 20 Questions With Johnny.      

1. We have previously been informed of your Jiu Jitsu competitions and how you placed. Have you competed anymore and are you still training?

Yes, still train five days a week. There are a few tournaments in the winter that I plan on competing in.

2. I've read somewhere that you don't like to discuss your age and I respect that, but any chance you'll tell us what the month and day is you celebrate your birthday?


3. What inspires you to create your music?

All the things I go through in life. But the most available emotion is when things are fucked up.

4. Who/what is your biggest musical influence?


5. In your acting career you've had the opportunity to play some very different roles from Eddie in Get Carter, to most notably Randall Shughart in Black Hawk Down, which roles are the hardest to prepare for?

The hardest thing for me to do as far as acting is concerned is read. Within the first few sentences of anything book, script, magazine, etc.. I just want to fall asleep. Thatís how my family would get me to sleep when I was a kid. Just start reading something, and by the first page I was out like a light.

6. What things do you look for when you are casting for a role?

I look for things that I think I would enjoy doing. Roles that require me to destroy my life, while Iím shooting a movie donít really interest me. I like to enjoy life.

7. We know from previous interviews that you have two tattoos. At one point you mentioned getting a shark. Did you ever get that tattoo and if so why?

The shark has yet to appear. My dogs adorn my stomach. Hondo and Sophie. The next will be my new puppy Butch.

8. When you have free time, what do you do to unwind?

Me and the dogs take naps.

9. When you decided to start acting, what did your family think and has that changed any?

Iíve never based my decisions on the wishes of others, including my family. Not that I donít love them, but Iíll be the only body in my coffin, so I figure, live life in accordance to how I feel.

10. Are there any actors, producers, or directors that you would love the opportunity to work with, but haven't yet?

There are a few people Iíd like to work with, Spielberg, Scorsese, you know the greats :) Oh and Guy Ritchie, I hear he trains jiu jitsu.

11. In your life who did you look up to the most and who was the most influential on your decisions?

I look up to Shaq. He really inspired me, after he did that genie movie I thought to myself, ďyou know, Iíve made some really good decisions in my life.Ē

12. Is there any one movie that you've seen and thought there was a role in it that you would've loved to play?

NO! Just kidding. I thought Road to perdition was an amazing looking film, and Jude Law did a great job in it, but I think I would have been more interesting as the hired killer.

13. What was the first car you ever bought?

69 mach I mustang. Just sold it.

14. What music do you like to listen to and do you have a favorite artist?

I like all kinds of music. Listening to Ozzys last record.

15. What's in your CD player right now?

The new album Iím working on.

16. Are you currently working on any new projects and if you are can you tell us about them?

The album is untitled at the moment, but half of it is my heavier work and the other half is mellow. It sounds amazing.

17. What sports do you like to watch and do you have a favorite?

Ultimate fighting, Pride fighting, boxing, K1 kickboxing. You know, people think I have a violent side to me but I really donít ;)

18. When you go out, do you mind when people recognize you and approach you?

I think its great that my work is admired. I work hard at what I do and totally appreciate when people recognize that. When they approach me, and tell me they like my work, I usually take them to a nice dinner and a movie. One of mine of course.

19. Does your schedule allow for you to date much?

I love to fall in love. Its my favorite thing to do. I try to do it at least once a day.

20. Lastly, if you could do any project you wanted, what would it be?

My life story. Still trying to make it more interesting for people to watch on the big screen.

Hope this answers some of your questions.
Take care.

Johnny Strong


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